The Awards Selection Committee is committed to an independent, unbiased review of all Business Excellence Awards nominees in order to choose deserving award recipients. The committee is made up of business and industry leaders, sponsors of the awards program and past winners. 

To be eligible to be a Selection Committee member, each individual judge must commit to the following responsibilities and procedures:

- Each award category will be reviewed by two committee members. A leader will be chosen from the two members to oversee the selection process.

- Committee members will be responsible for independently rating each nominee based on the award criteria 

- After rating each nominee, the committee member will submit their rating sheet (online) to the Chamber which will be tabulated by a third party tabulator (MNP).

- MNP will tabulate all scores to determine three finalists in each award category and will then submit these names to the Kamloops & District Chamber of Commerce. The Kamloops & District Chamber of Commerce will then notify each committee leader of their award finalists.

- Each committee leader will arrange interview dates and times with each finalist at which every committee member will be present, in order to determine the winner of their award.

- All information is to remain confidential throughout the awards process.

- No Selection Committee member may nominate a business or business person for the category they will be reviewing.